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Meet our Meeting Persona's

What behavior do you exhibit at the meeting table? What are your talents and pitfalls? And what impact do you make on the meeting? Timeinvest developed a meeting persona framework to help you understand your meeting dynamics.

Meeting Persona Workshop

Every minute spent in inefficient meetings is a lost opportunity for innovation, success, and growth. That's why we are committed to giving your valuable time back to you. We help you and your colleagues to transform the meeting culture of your organization from time-intensive & energy-draining to effective & energizing!

Do you want to take your meetings to an even higher level? Contact us about our Meeting Persona Workshop. In this interactive session:

  • We help you and your colleagues become more aware of behavior in meetings;

  • You will learn about the impact of behavior on the course and outcome of meetings and how to adjust this behavior;

  • You will receive practical tools to optimize meetings and the meeting culture within your organization.

The Meeting Persona's

Drive your team's dynamics

Want to know yours? Take a free assessment now.

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