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How to create a
Fruitful meeting culture

Team Program

Despite being a critical component of collaboration and decision-making, meetings often become sources of frustration and energy-drainers rather than productivity and growth.


Creating a Fruitful meeting culture isn't a one-person job. Our fun and interactive Team Program sets your team up for meeting success by improving team dynamics and fostering a shared understanding of effective meeting habits.

For increased productivity, more engagement and a Fruitful meeting culture within your teams and organization.

What we will do


Meeting Survey & Advisory Report


Interactive Team Sessions


Meeting Intelligence Platform


Continuous evaluations

Our promise? Your teams waste 25% less time in meetings.
or increased productivity, more engagement, and a Fruitful meeting culture within your organization.

Change Meeting Habits

Meetings are often seen as time-consuming, boring and inefficient. Sounds familiar? Fruitful transforms your meeting habits, ensuring that the right people have the right conversations about the right goals. We improve the quality of meetings and make sure your teams get the job done.

Improve Team Dynamics

Increase interaction and collaboration within your team. We focus on team dynamics by creating awareness about every member's unique Meeting Persona. We help ensure everyone is heard, provides input, and is engaged in the conversation. This way, we create an inclusive meeting culture in which everyone has a voice.

The full program


Survey & mNPS

We start with an extensive survey of all team members to measure their perception of the current meeting culture. This provides insight into both the bottlenecks and strengths of the current
meeting culture and results in a Meeting Net Promoter Score (mNPS).


Tailored advisory report

Fruitful analyzes the survey results and prepares a detailed advisory report with concrete recommendations for improvement.  We identify key trends and issues, and compiling actionable insights to focus on during the program.


Meeting Persona Assessment

Team members take the Meeting Persona Assessment to gain insight into their behavior during meetings. Each participant receives a comprehensive report which  includes personalized tips and tricks aimed at increasing self-awareness and improving their effectiveness in meetings, thereby enhancing their overall impact within the team.


Interactive Team Session about Team Dynamics

In an engaging and interactive session, we help employees gain a deeper understanding of their meeting persona and behaviors, compared to those of their colleagues. Through fun activities and discussions, we empower them to leverage their meeting persona and behaviors more effectively within the dynamics of their team. 


Interactive Team Session about Effective Meeting Habits

Collaboratively, we craft a Meeting Manifesto, laying the foundation for a productive and effective meeting culture. We establish agreements and guidelines governing the conduct of meetings. By doing so, we foster a shared understanding of best practices and effective meeting habits among teams.


6 months-evaluation

Six months into the program, we conduct another extensive survey among your team members. Should the Meeting Net Promoter Score (mNPS) not have shown improvement, we offer a complimentary, tailor-made team session to address any identified issues and implement targeted strategies for improvement.  


Implementation & use of the Fruitful platform

Fruitful guides you in implementing your new meeting culture. Your team will be equipped with our Meeting Intelligence Platform for one full year, implemented and customized to suit your needs to support ongoing improvement.

By providing your team with actionable insights derived from meeting data, we empower you to keep making informed decisions that drive continuous improvement and foster a more productive and engaging - a Fruitful - meeting culture.

‘’It’s good to become more aware of your existing meeting culture and learn how to make it more efficient.
We received useful tools and practical tips that we will apply in practice, immediately. Highly recommended!’’

Vivian Gooren

Country Director Belgium - Skillstown

Let your team say goodbye to dull meetings. For good.

  • We would like to participate with more than one team. Are there company-wide options available?
    Absolutely. Whether you're interested in involving multiple teams or the entire company in the program, please reach out to us for a special quote tailored to your organization's needs.
  • How many employees can participate in the program?
    The number of employees doesn't matter as it's a team effort. Whether your team is larger or smaller, let us know, and we can tailor our approach accordingly. Just reach out, and we'll find the best way to proceed together.
  • Where will the interactive team sessions be held?
    If your organization is based in the Netherlands, sessions can be conducted either at your offices or at an external location. For organizations outside the Netherlands, sessions will be held online.
  • What is the duration of the program?
    The full program duration is 12 months, beginning with an intensive 3-month phase involving surveys and workshops. After 6 months, a follow-up survey is conducted to evaluate the progress in the Meeting Net Promoter Score (mNPS). Throughout the program, participants have continuous access to the platform for support and improvement for the duration of 12 months.
  • What if we are not satisfied with the results?
    If the mNPS has not improved after six months, we offer a customized team session at no additional cost to address ongoing issues and further improve the meeting culture.
  • How much is the investment?
    The investment for the full 12-month program, inclusive of all surveys, tailored advisory reports, team sessions (online or on-site), and access to the meeting intelligence platform, is 4750 euros excluding VAT.
  • Can the program be customized to our organization’s specific needs?
    Yes, if you prefer to include only parts of the progran, or have other special requests, that is possible. Contact us at to discuss customization options.
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